• Oshkosh, birthday present from granny

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    Haygen boy is eager to learn walking. While he still can’t walk on his own yet, but he is getting there. Coincide with his one year old birthday, we chose a pair of crib shoe as a present from his granny.

    It is a pair of cute little crib shoe from Oshkosh, soft and comfortable. I like the blue and white color palette as it will be easily match with a broad range of clothing. The base is so pretty that I’m a bit reluctant to let him walk on it outside the house.

    Haygen boy is still not used to having something warping around his feet. It will takes a while of home training to introduce wearing shoe to him. The shoe is still slightly big for Haygen boy, but at the growth rate he is going, it will be perfect fit in no time.

    On behalf of Haygen boy, thank you granny.

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    1. June 13, 2012 at 3:13 am

      how much it cost?

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