11FebPopeyes Chicken and Seafood, TTDI

I came across this new fast food restaurant after reading Sloppy Chic blog. And since I’m a fan for anything deepfried, so I got to give this a try.

It seems that we used to have Popeyes last time before it closed down. I don’t remember maybe I was too young.. :D But anyway, they now reopened at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail at the same places nearby those other restaurants and fast food like Pizza Hut and KFC.

The base pricing is higher than KFC but because it doesn’t charge tax now, it is kinda on par with KFC. While KFC has their super duper 11 spices secret recipe, Popeyes have their Louisiana recipe. Apart from chicken, Popeyes has shrimp and fish too.

We ordered a 2-piece chicken set and a mix seafood set that comes with shrimp and fish. The chicken size despite being “hotnspicy” battered, is similar size to KFC’s original chicken only. Upon tasting it, is no comparison… KFC marination beat Popeyes hands down. I would only rate Popeyes’s chicken similar to those from McD or A&W. Is not very flavorful, all I can taste is just saltyness.

However, their mashed potato is very good, much superior to KFC which is just pepper-ish. The coleslaw is also better than KFC similar to the quality from Nandos.

I’m having mix feelings. I like KFC chickens more but I like the side dish in Popeyes… I’m surprise too they didn’t have any spinach infused items… hehehe.. :D

  1. 1 Aeris11 Feb 2009

    I had seafood mix set. As usual, the shrimp didn’t look as big as in the advertisement. Both shrimp and fish are very salty. But mashed potatoes are very nice, especially if u dipped with the biscuits. :d/

  2. 2 xin12 Feb 2009

    love the mash potato too! other than the fried chicken, i will pass other items on the menu [-(

  3. 3 ulat16 Feb 2009

    kakaka.. fried food again!


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