14JunCristang, Pj – Porky Stuffs & Petai Pork Burger!

As a Chinese, pork is such an important meat to us and I will never miss a chance trying or eating porky stuffs whenever I can. I have read about this place Cristang for quite a while and finally gave it a try couple of weeks back. This place is quite hidden and you definitely need to do some Google Map before heading there. It is a restaurant located inside 8 Avenue Business Centre in Seksyen 8 Petaling Jaya (somewhere opposite PJ Hilton).

The restaurant is similar to your usual pub/pork type of restaurant. We chose to sit outside because it was just too dark inside for any photo taking.

Many of the items are pork based or infused with pork such as the Grill Pork with asparagus in red wine. Kinda a popular combination where you can find it almost everywhere. But I wonder why it has to be asparagus only, why not long bean?

This restaurant is famous for their burgers which has a ranking in it from P1 to P7. From the most basic, each level adds more ingredients until it becomes the ultimate at P7. An interesting ingredient is the inclusion of petai from P4 onwards, my first time seeing such a combination. Since I’m not a fan of petai, so I only ordered the P3.

Overall the burger was good. I would prefer to opt out the minced chili pork sauce as it was overshadowing the taste of the pork patty. At this level it was already quite filling, I can’t imagine if you go for the ultimate.

My wife not a very porky person so she ordered the Grill Fish and it was also prepared using bacons.

The mashed potato at the bottom tasted extremely yummy from all the sinful juice (oil actually…:)) ) from the bacons on top. It was good and nicely presented.

I couldn’t remember the exact pricing but it should be roughly about RM30/pax including drinks. They also have a promotion for every Wednesday but unless you are not working on weekdays, pretty hard to enjoy this promotion.

8 Avenue Business Centre in Seksyen 8, Petaling Jaya.


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