28DecChristmas Dinner at Itallianis

Since it was Christmas for the year 2008, we went out for a semi decent good meal. We haven’t patron Itallianis for quite some time and decided to return there for this occasion. Since the last visit almost more than year ago, we noticed the menu has a lot more varieties now which is a good thing. Hopefully they can maintain their quality of food.

My wife ordered some pineapple soda juice while I am more adventurous and went for the alcohol drink. It was tequila with chocolate and cream. I’m pretty weak when it comes alcohol and dislike drinking raw alcohol. I tasted the similar Mud Slide margarita from TGIF and I love it very much because not too strong in alcohol. However as for this one, wow… the alcohol amount is pretty significant. I only managed to take a few sip and my wife finished the rest while i sucking her pineapple juice… :P

Since it is just the two of us, we couldn’t order much so we went for a mix platter. But when the food arrives, oh my.. the platter is huge!

Again, we ordered a series of mini spaghetti bowl so that we can sample more varieties. They are pretty cute. RM29.90 for 4 bowls. Pretty okay but the real thing doesn’t look as tempting as the pictures..:)

Overall the food is passable. However the spaghetti is a bit bland. Probably won’t come back maybe in a year time….

  1. 1 Aeris30 Dec 2008

    I felt quite disappointed on the food. It did not taste as good as it is as compare to my last visit (which is about a yr ago :p )

    As my hubby said, i think we won’t come back maybe in a year time.

  2. 2 ulat08 Jan 2009

    i wondering how you two can finish them ..:d

  3. 3 calvin08 Jan 2009

    yaloh.. should have call “worm” to come eat together.. :d/

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