08Aug2nd Anniversary at El Meson, Bangsar

The special day 08/08 marked the wedding anniversary of my wife Aeris and me. This is our second anniversary after we got wed on the best day in the century 2 years ago, 08/08/08. To celebrate this special day, and for the first time, my wife did the restaurant scouting and she recommended El Meson for Spanish food. She made a good choice!

There are a couple of reasons why this restaurant was picked, it has good review from all over the web, we haven’t eaten Spanish before and the major factor, it serves a lot of good quality PORK! which is my favorite.

Located among those famous high-end dining streets in Bangsar, finding it wasn’t hard. But finding a car park around Bangsar Village was a bit of a challenge. The restaurant is beautiful resembling a bar-like restaurant.

It wasn’t very crowded for a Sunday night so at least it won’t be a headache if you want to come back again. It has a large seating capacity so I think reservation is not necessary in most cases.

We ordered some cocktails, which we have no idea what it was looking at those name because we seldom take alcohols. So I went with the El Melson Special cocktails for the safest route while my wife adventure a bit on the Cuba Libre.

Since Spanish is famous for tapas, which is like starters, we ordered 2 tapas from their huge range of tapas ranging from hot and cold tapas. The pricing here is a bit on the high side, about 15% more than those of Chilis or TGIF.

The Iberico Pork Strips tapas gotten numerous recommendations from all the reviews I read so this was definately one of our choice. This was the first time I heard about Iberico meat, which is kind of premium pork famous in Spanish similar to those Kobe/Wagyu beef.

At RM24 and only a small amount of the meat is actually quite expensive. But is damn nice… I’m not sure is because of the meat, or the seasoning.. but it was very good. Cooked with onion and soaked in olive oil, you eat it together with the bread (freshly toasted) and butter. Very nice…

Next was the Pinchos Ternera, which is skewer of beef. It was not bad, the beef was tender and seasoned well. Much better than the Skewers I had few weeks ago.

For the main course, it doesn’t has a huge selection like their tapas. We ordered the Pork Chop since today was all about pork feasting. At RM42 for a pork chop, it definitely the most expensive pork chop I have eaten. But at least it came with a huge and thick slice of pork.

I have read that the pork here is of a very good quality and for that, they are able to keep the pork at 90% done instead of the well-done typically when we eat pork. I believe this is to ensure the pork to remain tender and juicy. The quality of meat was indeed good, we didn’t not get any feeling of eating a slightly raw pork. But there was certain part of the meat was kinda too raw. If I would order this again next time, I think I will request for a more cooked version.

One of the favorites here seems to be the raw cured meat because this guy here seems to be preparing and cutting the meat non stop the entire night. Unfortunately, we are not that adventurous yet…

Their signature dessert, Molten Lava also gotten lots of rave reviews. When you break open the crispy crust, hot chocolate came oozing out from the inside. I like it for the fact that it is not overly sweet like most other places and it has a hint of bitterness in it. However, the accompany Vanilla ice cream could have be a higher quality though.

The food here is good which we will definitely come back again to try their others tapas and different menu for their lunch. The high price of the food is justifiable by the quality of their food but still is not something we can eat on a weekly basis.:D The total bill came to about RM170 for the both of us including 15% tax and 2 alcohol cocktails.

61-63 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru
59100 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur

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