25MayDAORAE Korean BBQ, NiuZeXui PJ

Couple of new staffs join my company recently and as usual, the boss will treat the newcomer (and the rest of the employee) for a lunch before subjecting them to long term slavery. The last time we did this, we went to Fullhouse at NZX. This time round, we decided to go the same place but eating Korean food instead. I don’t really like Korean food, but since I’m not the one paying… no complains.

DAORAE has a couple of branches here and there and this is my second time eating at DAORAE. The first time, it was a treat by my friend. So basically, I won’t be eating Korean if I have to pay for it. In fact, I only eaten Korean food 3 times in my entire life. The very first time was many many years ago when I was trying to date my wife (before we became bf/gf) since she like Korean food. Ever since she said yes, we haven’t venture back to Korean territory…:D

They are having this promotion set lunch for RM14/pax that includes a small sea weed soup, a main and refillable green tea.

The sea weed soup, not my cup of soup as I don’t like the taste of sea weed.

The selection for the promotion are pretty straight forward. The sides are more or less the same with only the choice of meat that is different.

I ordered the pork belly set and it tasted so so. I find the sauce too sweet and also the 3-layer pork is too fat. Basically 80% fat 20% lean…

I think their ala carte BBQ stuffs are much better than these promotion “bento” food. You get to BBQ those meats on your table if you order those. Overall the environment is nice and the service as usual for any Korean/Japanese restaurant, top notch!

  1. 1 xin26 May 2009

    for rm14, cannot have very high demands right :P

  2. 2 calvin27 May 2009

    yep.. RM14 for korean food is kinda cheap…

  3. 3 Janice02 Jun 2009

    The price is quite attractive. Although I’ve been to NZX for quite a few times, I’ve never tried this restaurant. Hmm, can try next time. Most of their dishes are pork based?

  4. 4 ulat02 Jun 2009

    yalo.. so demanding..

  5. 5 John08 Jun 2009

    Hey, the first photo look very nice sia…

  6. 6 ulat09 Jun 2009

    janice : only 2 sets are pork.. they got squid, mackerel also.. but compare to set i prefer the amcorp mall one :P

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