06JanTenji Japanese Buffet @ SohoKL, Very Bad…

SOHOKL the new “happening” mall in Mont Kiara. I read about this new Jogoya-like japanese buffet around PJ area and I was overjoy since I don’t have to travel all the way to Bintang Walk for a nice japanese buffet. Tenji was located within SohoKL and currently they running a promotion which is pretty good, but how about the food quality?

Ambient is pretty nice similar to Jogoya. However, I feel overall, Jogoya is more classy, cozy and is bigger from the seating area to the food counter.

Food varieties wise, is lesser than Jogoya. You also have those pre-cooked dish, cook-to-order dish, sashimi, chinese cuisine, grill section and a extensive selection of drinks and deserts with Haagandaz icecream!

Some of the cook-to-order dish are salmon, crab, cod fish… the quality is pretty so so.. the food tasted bland and the steam fish is overcooked.

My main reason to go Jogoya is for their delicious tepanyaki codfish. Luckily Tenji do serve codfish and not surprisingly, it is also the favorites among everyone. The order for cod fish is so much, couple with lack of manpower, we literally waited 30min before our tiny slice of codfish arrive. Worst, it tasted pretty bad, bland, cold and funny sweet sauce.. I didn’t even order a second plate. I was wondering why cook-to-order food is cold when they arrive at my table. Then I found out it is because they do not have enough waiter to serve the cooked dish lying on their food counter so it is getting cold and the long wait. So in the end, many people actually stomp the food counter looking their own dish and collect it themselves!

I don’t eat oyster but according to my wife it is fresher than Jogoya…

They have a counter for all those deepfry stuffs which I didn’t manage to try because it is always finished most of the time. I managed to grab some not so popular item like fried rice, roast chicken and this cheesy crab which is pretty interesting.

Their saving grace is their beverages counter.. after all, how wrong can it be when it comes to juices, soft drink and coffee? My wife was busy sampling all their cute little flower tea…

And similar to Jogoya, they also have my favorite young coconut for all you can drink (not quite actually)… they refuse to replenish the stock after 1 hour into the lunch which got me disgusted… stingy! And by almost 1.5 hours into the lunch.. they withdraw 50% of the cook-to-order dish because they just can’t cope with the demand… and most food counter is empty with no replenishment… super disgusted!

Their desert counter is pretty okay as good as Jogoya and Tenji also serves Haagandaz ice cream. I managed to ate a couple of scoop before it is swarm with people after which I decided to leave disappointingly.

Overall the experience is pretty bad. Food takes long to arrive, food slow to replenish, cold food, food tasted so so, old plates on table were rarely clean up, lack of varieties which indirectly resulted long queue.. For the promotion price RM39++ (2hours) they are asking, I guess is pretty so-so. But when the promotion over, and the price is RM88+ similar to Jogoya, with this kind of service and quality.. they must be dreaming!

My recommendation, visit them while the promotion is on (till 15 January), the starting price is RM29.90 for 1 hour with additional RM10 for an additional hour. Please go early like 11:30am and only stay for 2 hours. No point staying any longer as they won’t replenish the food anyway…

  1. 1 oliviasy07 Jan 2009

    hehe, the promo drove the crowd there, and they probably couldn’t cope, hence the poor quality in service i reckon. which doesn’t do them good cos 1st impression oredi so bad, kan?

  2. 2 calvin07 Jan 2009

    yes.. the main problem is the crowd.. and the type of ppl that patron them.. honestly.. for a RM29.90 (1 hour) buffet.. it is cheap hence u see lots of “lesser-educated” kiasu ppl/aunties/uncles inside .. they rush here rush there and grabin food by the bucket…

    but this is no excuse.. this is not the first day of promo.. the promo has been running for more than 1 month.. Tenji should already be able to anticipate the crowd and increase manpower and supply..

    wat is the point of boasting having a big dining space that can sit super lots of ppl but u couldn’t cope with the demand if full seating… some more i went on a working weekday.. i couldn’t imagine weekend.

  3. 3 Jay07 Jan 2009

    I wouldnt say Tenji is very BAD. i think is still OK.

    I been eat Jogoya almost 6 times (most recent is last year nov), and their standard and cleanliness is dropped and very dissappointing.

  4. 4 calvin07 Jan 2009

    hi jay.. well i do think is still OK if the price is RM40.. but if RM88 later on, it has much to improve to ask for that price.. Yeah Jogoya has gotten bad.. but still i find it is the better buffet around for that pricing..

  5. 5 Jay07 Jan 2009

    agreed :)

    the last time i went jogoya, i saw a tiny cockroach coming out from my plate and the cod fish taste different :-/

    but i like the mini lobster :P

  6. 6 Janice07 Jan 2009

    I have to agree with you, I feel Jogoya still better (at least the last time we went).

  7. 7 J2Kfm08 Jan 2009

    yeah, I can feel what you’ve gone through. thankfully, the time I went there, the wait was not so bad, but we stayed for 4 hours though, paying the full price for some meagre stuff.

    but still, rather cheap, compared to most Japanese buffet. quality-wise? forsaken. :)

  8. 8 teefernee09 Jan 2009

    I personally have not tried Jogoya as my friends went there late last year and he came bad with extremely bad review.

    Am planning to try Tenji this weekend. *fingers crossed*


  9. 9 Francis17 Jan 2009

    I went to Solaris Tenji to place a reservation as they just dont pick up the phone. The 1-700 number. I waited in line, waited, waited and waited but two of them were busy managing one customer. One lady who wore a black pant suit and another who wore the japanese kimono. They didnt even acknowledge as I waited and waited and waited. Many people got pissed off and left. Atleast as the frontliner, you should atleast acknowledge the customer. So I said, bollocks, threw their black cards which has the time of business mentioned, at them and walked out.
    If you want to provide a service, then provide it properly and efficiently.
    Atleast at Jogoya, I only experienced a cook who spat into the little drain located within the cooking station. Thats where the durian stuff is located. I told him off and informed the short, suit fitted, stout looking manager. :-&.

  10. 10 calvin19 Jan 2009

    Hi Francis, i believe Tenji now extended their promotion yet again. Maybe you can make a reservation. One of my fren who went recently also told me their experience with Tenji was pretty good. Nothing compare to what I told him. Maybe they improved.. :)

  11. 11 xin20 Jan 2009

    we tried to go that day but it was full house by 12pm…..and we didnt manage to book any time within the promotional period anymore :-w

  12. 12 Jesse10 Feb 2009

    Hi there!

    Here’s my short account on my very first Tenji trip after visiting your blog earlier last month. I happen to made it on the second last day of the promotional period. The place was suppose to be open on 11 (or 11.30 depending on who u are asking) so I went there ard 10.30 a.m. (it was a weekday and i was on leave, heh)

    Despite the fact that it was fully book during the promotional period, i managed to get in.. maybe i was lucky that day cos those who book didn’t managed to turn up or something.

    anyway, after got pass the queuing, the staff took us to our table…he sat us out on the verandah (which was kinda nice since it was windy tat day). the interior deco of the place were normal i guess…nothing out of the ordinary. once we’ve established our little temporary base HQ at the table, it was time for war!

    i was to take out the seafood/sushi section, another was set to conquer the fried stuff corner while the last member of the platoon were to fly by the “cook-to-order” valley, bombing the row with our table pegs…

    we wanted to hit the place guerrilla style, go in and out and finish everything within 60 minutes so as to minimize the limited capital that we had. after all, prolonged siege and warfare is never beneficial to anyone.

    i managed to take 5 palm size oyster as prisoners and a few other stuff (can’t quite remember, my memory is all fuzzy from all the shuffling and shoving and elbowing and kneeing) and return to base. Unfortunately, it was until I returned to the base that i was informed that my fellow comrades wasn’t particularly excited with my catch.

    i ended up gulping all 5 oysters myself (no prisoners allowed). the first one was nice. the third one was kinda icky… and the last one i really had to blocked my nose and swallow it down….i had to wash it down with some coconut juice too…

    after the 5th one, i was feeling kinda strange in my stomach…didn’t feel like touching the rest of the haul brought back by my fellow comrades..and it was only 8 minutes since we sat down!!!

    to cut the story short, for the rest of the 52 minutes, i did went in and out a few times with various stuff, most of which was covered by calvin above… and i dunno if it was because of the oysters, but all the food felt kinda plain…

    plain plain plain….

    nothing mind blowing nor finger lickin good…

    the cook-to-order stuff….. i’m very certain that my mom’s standard of cooking was like 1,000,000 times better… the food there just… i dunno….

    i guess eating those cook-to-order stuff were akin to drinking plain water…

    anyway, after 1 hour of stuffing my stomach to no ends, i realized we went past our deadline of 60 minutes…and i didn’t felt like dashing to the counter and arguing that we were under 60 minutes… so we decided to extend into the 2nd hour.

    the 2nd hour were pretty relaxed… none of those rushing and grabbing stuff… we just stroll by the place, sipping coconut juice in one hand, and randomly pinching and poking the food tat we may have missed in the first 60 minutes.

    i spent most of the second hour making rounds to the haagen daz section…u know those small little miserable plastic cups they had there for the ice cream section? i must have had 20 of them or something…

    all in all, the food there is…hmm… how should i say….

    mediocre at best.



    or maybe it’s the oyster’s doing. i dunno.

    regardless, don’t think i’m going there again.

    unless a friend is having the wedding in there or something.

    i notice some elderly women talking to the host of the restaurant there, saying i want this arranged here n there….and this and that section is closed..bla bla bla… maybe they were planning a wedding for their children there…or maybe an old folks home dinner…or some old gals school association class of ’69… maybe their taste buds had all died out and all food taste like plain water anyway… i dunno..

    but i think u can book the place for private events though… just don’t order the food.. i’m kidding!

    what do i know, i’m not a food critique like the venerable master calvin kong…

    anyway, if there were only 1 reason why u should go there? it’s the ice cream…

    i can’t quite differentiate between haagen daz and swensen and baskin robbins and the RM3.99 red bean aiskrim potong (1.5liter) u find in carrefour or giant or tesco, but the ice cream there in tenji is nice…


  13. 13 calvin10 Feb 2009

    u seriously had 20 cups of haagandaz?? omg…

  14. 14 KL21 Mar 2009

    To all readers, Tenji will definitely not an ideal place for dining. I went on 20/03/09 for the Buffet of RM49.90/pax. The Bill for 2pax were RM 99.80 Service Charge (10% x Ori.Price of RM 154) Gov.Tax (5% x Ori.Price of RM 154) “PS: RM 77 ori. price for lunch session per pax”! The TOTAL : RM 122.90. I deeply felt cheated and it seemed like a !@#$ trick they used for consumers. And dun expect much for their explanation. The cashier told me, they are practising like Airasia, the s. charge & gov. tax will always based on the Ori. price. OMG … can anyone believe it!

  15. 15 calvin23 Mar 2009

    After your comments, it prompted me to dig out my old credit card bills to check. Coz i didn’t pay attention to that details last time…:”>

    For my case, it was promo price x 10% and we didn’t need to pay for 5% govt tax too. The current promo is a new one, so changing policy is nothing wrong (a lil dodgy tho).. and I believe now the sales volume increased and they are eligible for the govt tax.

  16. 16 kendrel01 Jul 2009

    thx so much for those info, if not i’ll be the next victim. luckly done a survey before action, if not really ‘die white-ly’

  17. 17 calvin02 Jul 2009

    kendrel, thanks for visiting. Not sure did they improve, but if u don’t go on peak promotion, should be quite ok. :D

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