19OctWhat I ate in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for the first time 2 weeks ago to attend a wedding ceremony. While my Penang trip I had to rely on my GPS, this time round we are lucky enough to have a friend that brought us around popular places and of course places that serve good food. We stayed there for 5 days and it was quite a nice place because it is nearby to the sea.

On our first day, we head towards the popular Mount Kinabalu. The environment and feel is pretty similar to Cameron Highland.. We didn’t plan to stay up there overnight, just went for the sightseeing. Didn’t eat anything up there so no pictures. I was told that seafood especially fish in Sabah is cheap and most importantly doesn’t have that “dirt” taste in the meat. So the first place that we went is this popular seafood restaurant called Salut.

This restaurant breed their own prawns and is built on the water. Going into the restaurant is rather scary as you have to drive thru’ some dirt road navigating all their prawn’s ponds like some jungle trekking.

You get to choose what you want and they will cook it for you. All are alive!!

And they really have a lot of varieties for you to choose from…

The seafood is extremely fresh especially the prawn where most people will just opt for the plain boil with no sauce at all.

Overall the food tasted average. I would prefer it to me more commercialize (stronger taste)..:D

The next day we went to this popular restaurant at Tuaran. It was rather famous and was featured in Astro food program as seem on the poster hanging there.

What make them special is their noodles which is quite unique. The noodle is homemade and was slightly deepfried. You can only either choose a dried or gravy version. We tried both and they were superb. The toppings were pretty basic but is the noodles that truly standout. We even take away a whole bag of their uncooked noodles to cook at home.

We were constantly craving for more cheap and tasty fish. Our friend brought us to this place that famous for fish noodles. Is more of like the fish version of Bah Kut Teh where you get to choose a varieties of fish stuffs to go with your rice noodles like fish maw, fish skin and some other fish internal stuffs.

For me, I just go for their simpler fish meat only.

Then there was this place that famous for the fried Chinese Dumplings. Is very unlike the KL version where it is sour and I hated it. But this version tasted like mini Murtabak. A bit strange but kinda nice. They also serve a varieties of grill seafood similar to Hing Ket in Klang.

Not only they were good at grilling stuffs, their fried noodles were surprisingly good too.

We actually eaten a lot more things during our 5 days trip, but some of them I didn’t get to chance to take any pictures or it was in a badly lighted environment. Since Kota Kinabalu is known for cheap fish, guess how much fish we “tapau” back to KL?

Haha.. nah.. joking! Those are some expensive “Chat Sing Ban” we saw at the airport during our departure:D Also check out this incredible fish call “So Mei”.. is SOOOO HUGE!

That’s all for the food coverage. Next will be some of the scenery photos like those beautiful beaches that I took while in Kota Kinabalu. And also a dedicated post about @tmosphere, a rotating mid air pub in Kota Kinabalu similar to KL Tower.

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Scenery of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

  1. 1 pjlian21 Oct 2009

    Is the food at Salut expensive?

  2. 2 calvin25 Oct 2009

    hi pjlian, the food at Salut is not that expensive i think. i didn’t pay the bill so i don’t rili sure how much.. :D

  3. 3 xin29 Oct 2009

    so much of fresh seafood!!! :x

    did u eat lobster or something too?

  4. 4 calvin31 Oct 2009

    xin.. awww we didn’t.. crab yeah.. but i prefer fish more that any other things else..

  1. 1 Scenery of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – Worldclass Cooking Wannabe by Calvin Kong - About my life, my hunger and my cooking

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