28AprTeow Chew Meng Porridge & Mee Sua, SS2/30

I have eaten at this restaurant for many times over the years because it serves delicious hot soupy food whenever you feel like warming your tummy in a cold rainy night. Also because of the hefty price tag, you know for your sure you going to get some serious ingredients.

They sell teow chew style seafood porridge, seafood or sharkfin mee and some others delicacies like steam octopus. The items selling here are not cheap. It was RM10 per bowl for 1 pax and on my recent visit, they revised the price to RM11. But at least you getting lots of quality ingredients in your food.

A typical bowl of seafood bowl be it porridge or mee, you get the standard fish slices, fried fish meat, fish ball, cuttlefish, minced pork, prawn and some other seafood items which I can’t identify. Whether is it worth it, I will leave it to you to judge. But one thing for sure, it is tasty!

Here is their menu and their selection.

  1. 1 Janice28 Apr 2009

    Somebody told me last weekend this shop “chap lap” already, hahahahha. Looks like she is wrong!

  2. 2 xin30 Apr 2009

    i am a frequent of the teo chew meng, love the mee sua :x :x i lurrrrve going there when i am not feeling well but need light food to fill my stomach

  3. 3 ulat09 Jun 2009

    ya, very nice.. but i found i get very thirsty after having those mee sua, is it sign of putting alot MSG ah

  4. 4 calvin10 Jun 2009

    xin, i find the ingredients nowadays like a bit lesser.. don’t u think so..

    ulat, if i not mistaken, i think i saw a no msg added sign somewhere there… not sure tho..


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